Your Personal Brand is Critical for Long-term Success in Direct Sales

J.Hilburn Stylist and ClientJ.Hilburn has a direct sales/network marketing business model where more than 90% of the company’s sales come directly from independent Personal Stylists who source their personal and professional networks. In order to confidently approach those valuable networks, realize this important difference; “Ms. or Mr. J. Hilburn” is not the person convincing guys to buy luxury menswear—you are. That suave, professional, clothier isn’t making the phone calls and setting up those meetings—you are. Clients first buy who you are and how you project yourself. That is the definition of a personal brand, and you need a solid one they’ll remember and share.

Advisorsite builds your brand for you. We handle it all, offering your entrepreneurship the true ability to build a real and lasting personal brand. Inevitably we find Stylists are most memorable to their clients when they’re advertised using their own names. Thus we engage you the person as a brand, promoting your unique business and positioning you as a leader in this luxury menswear category. Most importantly, what we do best is place your brand where it can continue to touch clients, 24/7. Online.

Some questions we ask our Personal Stylist clients:

  • “How are you going to tap into your network’s network over-time?”
  • “What tools do you need to be a leader in your markets and areas of expertise?”
  • “Are you intimidated by, or comfortable with, using web technologies?”“
  • “How visible (or invisible) are you online?”
  • “If you feel invisible…why?”

Be technical without being a technical person

It’s a digital world where people literally spend seconds deciding on the relevance of the information they seek. One’s business has to be online and it better be good, a requirement some find intimidating or time-consuming. This is the beauty of Advisorsite because we take care of those issues for you. The personal websites we build for our clients work on any computer, tablet or smart phone. We sync-up your social media channels and provide monthly, relevant content; and we even write (with your input) an extensive, personal bio! All that’s left for you is to share this info abroad, via something as simple as text to a potential client or team member or as involved as a social media campaign, if you are into that sort of thing. There are also links to your J.Hilburn e-commerce portal and your site is optimized for the search engines, promoting your brand and business above all else. Simple. Effective. Yours.

We listen and we understand Personal Stylists representing J.Hilburn

We’ve been working with J.Hilburn Personal Stylists across the country for almost two years, back when Partners were known as Style Consultants. We understand their individual businesses and the challenges that come along with direct sales. We’ve listened to your peers (frankly, they’ve become our friends!) and we constantly make adjustments to the Advisorsite platform so we can continue to improve this product. All in the name, of YOU. Why not join us today?

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