Who is Advisorsite?

We get asked all the time… who is Advisorsite?

Advisorsite creates personal websites for J.Hilburn Partners and was created, and is managed, by a Chicago-based digital ad agency called “Street Dog.” We’ve faithfully served independent Personal Stylists who sell J.Hilburn for over two years now.

“You guys have filled a hole our company needs.”
—Hil Davis, co-founder of J.Hilburn

We often preach what we believe to be fact (and we watch JH Partners prove our beliefs month after month); the crux of direct sales is the ability of the salesperson to sell themselves. J.Hilburn’s leadership has agreed. Sitting at a breakfast table, we laid out our approach to promoting JH Stylist’s personal brands, working in parallel with JH’s own brand, for Hil Davis himself. Hil understood and earnestly recognized that what we do benefits his company. Just like J.Hilburn has their own brand to maintain, Advisorsite has an equally as important brand to maintain—YOURS—that’s what we do.

So, who is Advisorsite? We are a friendly group of seasoned ad pros who form relationships with J.Hilburn’s Partners. Introspectively, we are thinkers, communicators, tech-heads, writers, designers, art directors, strategists, and code geeks who continually design and maintain websites for our J.Hilburn Partners’ individual businesses. p.s. Brownie Points…we are their clients, too!

Street Dog’s own Managing Partner and Creative Director, Greg Ice, feeling comfortable and enjoying the views from Chicago’s Trump Tower. Greg is sporting his J.Hilburn Black Pinwale Corduroy Sportcoat, custom-fit shirt in Blue/Brown Large Check, and JBrand Denim.

If you come away from this article with anything, be assured of this… Advisorsite (a.k.a. Street Dog) is a group of real people with families, who mingle within the communities they live and work in—just like you. We invite you to see and read more about us right here. We also love to talk. Especially, Blake. Call anytime at 888-480-0099 or send us a note by clicking here. Thanks and we look forward to working with you.

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