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Questions: As a Personal Stylist, what name do your clients first know best—your name or the name brand, J.Hilburn? Who calls on them? How do they touch the brand? Who are they served by? Who are they served by? Who do they call back? You. You. You. YOU. Yes, you…so, promote yourself.

We wrote in an earlier article: “In order to confidently approach (your clients), realize this important difference; “Ms. or Mr. J. Hilburn” is not the person convincing guys to buy luxury menswear—you are. That suave, professional, clothier isn’t making the phone calls and setting up those meetings—you are. Clients first buy who you are and how you project yourself. That is the definition of a personal brand, and you need a solid one they’ll remember and share.”

Promote YourselfAll J.Hilburn awesome-ness aside, this is so true. You run a business that you must promote…and that’s what we do for our clients. We have both brand new Partners as clients, and we also have deeply experienced J.Hilburn Personal Stylists as clients. They came to us for help in promoting their independent businesses because they “get it.” In order to run a successful business, you must promote yourself; promoting yourself to your clients, your potential team members. Heck, promoting your TEAM as a whole. All of this is made possible through a simple Advisorsite. We basically run your online show, all for you, and we work to promote your business when you aren’t necessarily there to do it yourself. You can only be one place at a time, generally with one client at a time. Get a personal website that has your back, that works while you are taking care of life, that is ready to engage when that client is winding-down in the evening with some vino and his iPad.


We understand the Personal Stylists who represent J.Hilburn

We’ve been working with J.Hilburn Personal Stylists across the country for two years now. We know direct sales and how it works. We know your businesses and how you work it! And your J.Hilburn peers know us on a personal level, and many have become our friends. Trust us to promote your own individual business as a Personal Stylist representing J.Hilburn. Both brand new, and leading, J.Hilburn Partners who are our clients recognize the importance of what we do for them. The common factor: promote yourself. We have several options for any level of business. Check us out and give us a call!

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